Waddley explores the Australian Outback in a gyrocopter.

What's A Macaroni Penguin? No, it's not a penguin that loves macaroni (or cheese!).  The Macaroni is named after the yellow crest on his or her head. Adults are just over two feet tall and weigh only about 12 pounds. Like all penguins, the Macaroni can't fly, but has a compact body and flat wings that work as flippers in the water. Many spend half the year traveling over 6,000 miles across oceans, but Waddley is seeing the world by ship! There are 18 million Macaroni penguins, the most of any penguin species. But their numbers have been going down over the past 40 years and care is needed to keep them from becoming endangered. 

About Waddley's Creator

Julie Davis Canter is the
author of Waddley Sees
the World
.  Her first book,
365 Ways to Say Let's Be Friends, was published when she was just 16. She has written over 50 books for readers of all ages, including 18 books for children—early learning board books, rhyming picture books, themed activity, sticker and coloring books and Manga Style Adventures For Girls and Manga Style Adventures For Boys, the first American Manga coloring book comics. She was inspired to write Waddley to encourage children to become as fascinated with the countries of the world as they are with lovable penguins; he's the perfect tour guide for a fun trip around the world!

​Julie was literally “born to be a writer.” Her mom, Rochelle Larkin, started as a humor book writer, then went on to write romance novels, children's books and music and film anthologies. Julie is married to Len Canter, also a writer, and they have two children, Alexandra, 25, and Sam, 21, who love books but have chosen decidedly different careers.

What is ​Waddley Sees The World? It's a book series that chronicles the adventures of Waddley, a macaroni penguin who leaves Antarctica on board a cruise ship to travel the world. Each book in the series features Waddley and his two friends, Lexi and Sam, at a new exotic destination, combining fun and adventure with geography and history. The first book in the series is "Upside Down Under: The Adventure Begins!" and takes Waddley to Australia. Find out more about macaroni penguins, other amazing animals and exciting countries by reading Waddley's adventures.